New Good Beer Guide App available

July 2016

A new Good Beer Guide mobile app is now available to download for free from the Apple App Store

A completely separate product from the previous app, the new Good Beer Guide app is much improved and updated, and features enhanced free functionality with exciting additional features and content available via in-app subscription. Although a separate product, the new app has been designed so that existing users, their accounts, any personal My Guide data or remaining subscription period can automatically be transferred over to it. If you have not asked us to remove your details and data from the database of existing users, you will be able to log into the new app with your existing user ID and password. Users with a remaining period of subscription to the full version of the existing app will have access to the full, subscriber version of the new app for the same period. Visit for full details

Existing subscribers can continue to use the existing app, which will be supported until August 2017 and will include an update to the Good Beer Guide 2017 edition in September 2016. However no new subscriptions are possible.

Good Beer Guide 2016 launched

10th September 2015

The 2016 edition of the Good Beer Guide was launched on 10th September 2015. An updated version of the iOS App for iPhone and iPad is available from the App Store

If you bought the app before it became a subscription service in September 2012, you should have unlimited permanent access to the 2012 edition of the guide. Please follow the instructions here if this has not been automatically enabled.

Since October 2012, pub & brewery information from GBG 2013 is stored on the phone, so most of the app will work without an internet connection. An internet connection is still required for town/postcode search and to view maps.

The basic app is free in taster mode, with an optional subscription to unlock all features. This allows more flexibility on pricing, enabling free voucher codes to people who subscribe to the printed book, a free try before you buy “Taster Mode” and later on we may introduce discounted subscriptions for CAMRA members and renewals, which was not possible with a fixed price app.

If you have any problems please email customer support at

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