Good Beer Guide 2016 launched

10th September 2015

The 2016 edition of the Good Beer Guide was launched on 10th September 2015. An updated version of the Android App is available from the Google Play Store

The basic app is free in taster mode, with an optional subscription to unlock all features. This allows more flexibility on pricing than is possible with a fixed price on Google Play and enabled us to offer free voucher codes to people who subscribe to the printed book in 2012, a free try before you buy “Taster Mode” and later on we may introduce discounted subscriptions for CAMRA members and renewals, which was not possible with a fixed price app.

If you paid for an earlier version of the app before September 2012, you will receive full access to the 2012 edition once you have created an account by registering your email address from within the app. If this does not happen, please email customer support at

Please use Google Play to check for updates regularly and refer to the section below for answers to frequently asked questions. In the meantime if you have any problems, please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions