Will I lose all my Favourites and Visited pubs?

You will not lose your old favourites, but you will not have access to them until we make an update to handle this. Please do not uninstall the app, as your favourites are stored on your phone. We will work hard to make sure this update happens soon, but please bear with us - it will be on its way.

If you switch to the 2012 edition, then any favourites, visited and comments that you set previously, will be shown. Information from earlier editions can not be shown at the moment, but we are working on a way to retrieve this in a future app update.

This information is saved locally on the phone, so will be lost if you uninstall the app or upgrade your phone. In a future update, we will add a cloud sync feature so that this information is stored in the cloud and synchronised with all your devices when you log in with the same account.