I keep getting Server Connection Errors

Some of the UK Mobile phone operators have placed our servers on their adult content blocking filter due the service's reference to alcohol which is considered a mature subject.

This prevents the app from registering, signing in, buying a subscription, geocoding a town/postcode or updating the pub/brewery data when using a mobile data connection and the app will display a server connection error.

We are trying to get this block lifted, and also looking for technical ways to get around it.

In the meantime, if this is affecting you, you will either need to contact your mobile operator and ask them to remove the adult content block, or use Wifi.

You can continue to do nearme searches, or searches by Pub name without an internet connection.

You can find out if this affects you by using your mobile phone browser to visit http://gbg.data.nearme.eu/manage/testconnection.php. This screen should take you to a page that confirms you can connect to our servers, but if you are affected by the content block you will see your mobile phone operator's blocking page instead. However if you are affected you probably can't even read this as they have also blocked these support pages!!!!