I bought the App before but am now in Taster Mode... how do I get it working again?

If you registered an email account during the upgrade process then your subscription has already been added. However due to a confusing user interface you possibly pressed the 'Logout' button when on the Account screen, which will have logged you out and put you in taster mode.

To activate your subscription:

  1. From the App's main screen press the Settings Icon

  2. Press Account

  3. If it asks you to login, type in your email address and password you used when registering

  4. When you get to the account screen, check that the box at the top shows you have a subscription and note the expiry date

  5. Press the Android Back Button or the Use the Guide button. DO NOT PRESS LOGOUT or else you will go back to taster mode. The Android back button is the physical button, part of the row of buttons underneath the screen on most Android devices.

If the account screen said you had no subscription, then please Email Us with the email address you registered with and when you bought the app originally and we will update the subscription.

If you are unable to login and the forgotten password link gives an error, then you probably have not registered an account. So instead of clicking sign in, press the Register an account button and type in an email address and password. If this was an upgrade then it should automatically give you a subscription.