What has changed in updates to the Android Good Beer Guide App?

This is a list of updates to the Android CAMRA Good Beer Guide. Newest items are at the top

Version 3.2.4: 18th March 2014

  • Corrections to pub and brewery information
  • Improvements to GPS location detection
  • Beers available in pubs now includes the brewery name

Version 3.2.2: 13th September 2013

  • Fix startup crash when upgrading from some old versions.

Version 3.2.1: 13th September 2013

  • Uses Pubs & Breweries from Good Beer Guide 2014.
  • My Guide pubs from older versions are displayed if the pub is in GBG 2012,2013 or 2014.

Version 3.1.6: 12th July 2013

  • Fix crash when viewing favourites, visited and comments from legacy 2012 edition
  • Fix crash when viewing comments on the map
  • Fixed resource leak using database
  • Fixed bug determining when app was first installed

Version 3.1.5: 10th July 2013

  • Bugfixes on map and result list screens
  • Search near here improvements
  • Back to Guide from Account page works correctly

Version 3.1.3: 3rd May 2013

  • Fix so that it works on older versions of Android 2.3 again

Version 3.1.2: 3rd May 2013

  • Reset password message displays the correct email address.
  • Favourites, Visited and Comments from 2012 edition are now correctly restored when you have the legacy 2012 edition selected
  • Tidying up of some registration and login screens

Version 3.1.1: 5th April 2013

  • Fixed problem restoring app when using the legacy edition

Version 3.1.0: 5th April 2013

  • All customers who paid for the app before September 2012 have full permanent access to the older 2012 Legacy Edition without needing to buy a subscription. Goto Settings/Account to activate the 2012 edition, then you can switch editions from the search screens. If the legacy edition is not available and you have previously PAID FOR the app, please contact us and we will enable it. You do still need to register an account and login if you have not already done so.
  • Fixed problem with compass display on 'Near Me' searches.
  • Improvements to pub comment entry box
  • Note this version requires Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher due to the larger sizes of the included databases. Most handsets (including Galaxy S) sold since 2010 can be upgraded over the air to 2.3, and UK operators pushed this to most phones during 2011. To check for an Android update, open the Android Settings app, then select 'About' and 'System Updates',

Version 27th October 2012

  • Fix problem where breweries were not displaying their beers, which could also cause a crash.

Version 27th October 2012

  • Updated Pub/Brewery information with corrections to some locations, postcodes, phone numbers, opening times
  • Indicate pubs with Cask Marque, CAMRA branch Pub of the Year and CAMRA NAtional Inventory of Historical Interiors
  • Distance to pub for town searches is from center of town, not your GPS coordinate
  • Fixed problem where map would center on GPS coordinate instead of where the results are
  • Several crash fixes when searching and viewing map
  • Improved error handling when installing database. Previously it could leave a corrupted database which crqshed app when searching
  • Reduced App size

Version 16th October 2012

  • Fix crash when searching for pubs that have no symbols. This happened a lot in Wales, for example a search for Llandudno
  • Attempt to work around problems with HttpClient on some handsets running Android 2.2 which was mixing up POST data with the http headers during digest authentication.

Version 15th October 2012

  • Fix crash bug during startup on some handsets when using 3G network
  • Changed server name to get around Vodafone Adult content blocking filter which was preventing any web service calls from succeeding when using a Vodafone Mobile data connection unless the blocking was turned off. Vodafone seem to enable this filter by default, and our attempts to get the GBG web service removed from the filters could take some time
  • Automatic silent login when viewing Account screen. This will refresh your account details. Once you have registered or signed in, you should never have to manually sign in again unless you explicitly log out
  • Fixes to change password, so it automatically logs you in with the new password

Version 12th October 2012

  • Improved error handling of HTTP requests, so the error message may more accurately reflect what went wrong if an error occurs.

Version 5th October 2012

  • Redesign of Account screen, including adding a big 'Use the Guide' button instead of relying on pressing back button. Intention is to stop people accidentally logging out (which puts the app back in taster mode), or buying subscriptions when they already have one!

Version 4th October 2012

Initial Release of Version 3 containing Good Beer Guide 2013 information. App is now free in a taster mode, with an in-app subscription.

  • Buyers of the old paid app should get a free subscription when they upgrade, but they need to register first by typing in an email and password, so that we have an account to link to their previous purchase. We don't have any access to Google Play accounts to know when you bought it, so rely on it being an upgrade on the same device it was previously installed on.
  • Once you have registered and have a subscription, you can use this on as many handsets as you want by Signing in with the same email and password
  • The app is intended to be a service to help you find good pubs that serve real ale, and see all the information about them from The Good Beer Guide, as well as view information about breweries and pubs. It is not an electronic copy of the book. There are ePub and Kindle versions available if that is what you want. We keep the information up to date with corrections during the year. When there is a major update to the book, you will automatically have access to that information, In previous years we were criticised by people who bought the app in August and then complained when a new edition came out in September that they should be entitled to a free update. The way it works now means you always have the latest information and will not be using an old edition that leads you to pubs that have closed or changed in character.
  • Favourites, Visited and Notes from earlier versions are not shown any more. They are still on the phone, but because they refer to pubs that are not in the current edition there is no way to display them yet. We are investigating a way to link pubs from earlier editions to ones in the current edition, and to allow downloading of earlier historic editions.
  • A subscription to GBG mobile costs £4.99 per year. This is good value compared to buying the book at the recommended retail price of £15.99 (or £10+ P&P to CAMRA members) and the ePub/Kindle versions at £11.99. You can have 2 or 3 years subscription to GBG mobile for the price of buying the book or ebook for one year.